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LawTactical ist ein Hersteller von AR-Zubehör und bekannt für den Adapter, der es ermöglicht die Buffertube eines AR abzuklappen. Die Firma wurde von ehemaligen Beamter unterschiedlicher Dienste gegründet, hier beschreibt die Firma, wie sie sich selbst sieht:

Law Tactical LLC
Tactical Equipment and Firearms Accessories

Law Tactical was founded in 2010 as a Tactical Equipment and Firearms Accessories wholesaler. Law Tactical LLC is a dynamic group from various backgrounds. Our team’s experience includes:

  • United States Secret Service Counter Sniper Team
  • Domestic and International Executive Protection
  • Competition Shooting
  • Research and Development
  • US Military
Law Tactical designs, develops and markets exclusive tactical equipment, specializing in accessories for the AR-15, M-16 and AK-47. Our products are on the cutting-edge of design, highest quality manufacturing, and focus on improving the efficiency and functionality of current firearms and equipment utilized in the law enforcement, military and civilian markets. We are committed to being a leader in providing unique products to consumers. Our emphasis on research and design allows us to:
  • Identify gaps and develop new products that are currently unavailable in the marketplace
  • Improve products that do not meet the level of quality and functionality expected in the industry
  • Redesign existing products that are highly desired but prohibitively expensive, making them affordable for the individual consumer.
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Law Tactical - FoldingStockAdapter
Law Tactical - FoldingStockAdapter
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