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Die Firma TacomHQ ist ein sehr spezialisierter Optikhersteller aus den USA. Ehemalige Angehörige kanadischer und amerikanischer Special Forces haben eine Firma zur Verbesserung dienstlicher Optiken gegründet. Die Gründer John Baker, Jacob Baker und Ken Decker haben eine Fähigkeitslücke bei vielen Militäroptiken erkannt und diese durch Ihre Produkte geschlossen. Hier die Selbsteinschätzung der Firma:

Militaries are not known for developing new technologies (…) When you hear the words ‘that’s impossible’ well that’s tantalizing to most of us in this industry because we want to make the impossible possible (….) Every now and then, every five-ten years there is a piece of equipment that comes along and (….) if you look at tacomHQ (…) it is a game changer. It will be forever remembered; probably what propelled us to the next level.” – Rob Furlong, a former Canadian military sniper who broke the world record for longest confirmed sniper kill at 2,430 m (2,657 yds) in 2002.

Founded by John and Jacob Baker, tacomHQ is the culmination of a father’s promise to start a company with his son and a shared passion for innovation and the pursuit for perfection.  Together, John and Jacob, are leading the industry developing new products that are game changers.  TacomHQ invented the TARAC, a prism wedge and periscope used by Paul Phillips from GPG to shoot over 7,000 yds and (likely) JTF2’s record-shattering 2.2-mile sniper kill in 2017 (Guns America), and Structured Barrels to eliminate harmonics.

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TacomHQ Alpha TARAC (Prisma für Zieloptiken)
TacomHQ Alpha TARAC (Prisma für Zieloptiken)
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